Our Services

TV Install
(Image of mounted television)
From standard installation to custom fitting, we install your TV and leave only after you have approved the optimum height, visual appearance and operation.

Flat Screen Mounting
(Image of installing a flat screen)
Standard flat screen installation is done quickly and professionally at prices starting at _____.

Articulating TV Mounts
(Image of articulated mounting on TV)
We can recommend and provide articulating TV mounts for optimum performance in your room. Install prices including mount start at ________.

Tilting TV Mounts
(Image of tilting mount)
If mounting space requires mounting higher on the wall, we can provide tilting TV mounts for optimum viewing angles for your room. Prices including mount start at _________.

Sound Bars
(Image of mounted sound bar)
Enhancing your TV sound with a sound bar  is a common upgrade. We can recommend and install the optimum sound bar for your TV. Installation prices start at __________.

Whole house music systems
(Image of whole house music system)
Planning, room design and equipment consulting is part of our whole house music system service. Installation of your purchased equipment starts at _______.

In Wall Speakers
(Image of in wall speaker mounting)
The placement of in wall speakers is crucial to maximizing the audio from your TV or system. We evaluate each room and recommend the best speaker placement for optimum performance. Installation prices start at ___________.

Dedicated Home Theater Systems
(Image of Home Theater system)
Turning a room into a home theater requires proper layout and installation for optimum viewing and sound performance. Our professional experience means you can be assured of a complete install of your home theater system in a configuration to get the most from your tv and components. Install prices start at ______.

Other services
San Diego TV Install’s experience at electronic installation allows us to also provide installation services for wireless door entry systems, networking, home automation systems and 
camera surveillance systems. We can consult with you about your needs and recommend the best solutions.